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A computer savvy teenage boy is uprooted by his parents’ abrupt divorce and forced to relocate from the East Coast to small-town Texas. He traverses his way through high school, relationships and early adulthood in search of his place in a world ensnared by the rise of personal computing, technology and the Internet in the 1990’s.

It’s 2007 and after waking up in the throes of a vicious hangover, he finds himself reliving his life choices and relationships from the past twenty years to help make sense of the present and find a way forward. A series of serendipitous encounters, none more impactful than the owner of the local computer shop, channels his talents and opens his mind to a brighter future full of unique life experiences, pop-culture trivia and a definition of family that he never knew was possible. But ... nothing lasts forever. Life, love and technology all inevitably change and a vicious game of entropy forces him and his friends to use their skills to race the clock and save their jobs, home and family from a looming tidal wave of urban sprawl.